Employees, investors, and stakeholders value companies with integrity.
Measure, compare, and impact your company’s Culture Quotient.

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A full-service assessment that enables you to:

  • Benchmark against an unparalleled ethical culture data base representing 4+ million employees

  • Conduct data analysis to discover factors that can influence culture

The Best Way to Advance Your Goals

of the World’s Most Ethical Companies® use standalone ethical culture surveys

“I picked the Ethisphere Assessment because it looked at all aspects of our programming, including areas I really wanted to focus on, like awareness of resources and our employees’ level of comfort reporting concerns—and their perception of organizational justice. I also liked the fact that it took less than ten minutes for most employees to complete the entire survey, and that we could benchmark it against peer companies.”

Kathleen Franklin
Global Ethics and Compliance Strategy Leader, SONY

Ethisphere’s Eight Pillars of an Ethical Culture

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Easy to Implement

  • Guidance by expert analysts to help design the survey to meet your requirements
  • A full data base of questions and templates to use as a foundation
  • Ethisphere manages the survey and engagement with your employees

Data and Reporting that Makes a Difference

  • Insights into the ethical culture sentiment between divisions, locations, generations, and genders
  • Benchmarking against a dataset of peer companies or the full Ethisphere data set
  • Cloud-based reporting application enables unlimited data analysis and report creation

Options to Suit Your Requirements

  • Ethical Culture Assessment: One-time ethical culture survey to conduct a baseline, during times of transition or to address a specific business purpose
  • Ethical Culture Monitoring: Includes the survey, ongoing access to the Culture Quotient (CQ) data set and reporting engine, multiple pulse surveys, continual spot checks to address organizational priorities, a dedicated data analyst/project manager to identify and align BELA resources and data to meet culture development strategies



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