We’re Hiring!

Come join us! Ethisphere is helping to make the world a better place by building software to promote global companies in their efforts to enhance ethical and compliant corporate behavior and build strong ethical cultures! Our clients are typically high-end professionals, General Counsel or Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at Fortune 1000 companies.

Ethisphere is actively recruiting a full-stack developer, a skilled computer programmer comfortable with both front-end and back-end technologies. The successful candidate will have experience creating new databases, workflow tools and smart data-rich interfaces and have some facility with modern user-design theory. The successful candidate will have demonstrated ability to contribute to a project from conceptualization to final product, with requisite project management and attention to details.

The position requires a bachelor’s degree and at least 3 years of experience. Experience in the compliance/legal field is highly beneficial, but not required. Familiarity of the elements of a strong ethics and compliance program are a plus. Must have ability to work from a home-office setting.

To Apply: Interested candidates should send their resume and cover letter to Charlie Vanek.

Our applications are used to aggregate and render statistics of ethics and policy survey data from large company respondent bases. Scoring is generated based on data aggregated for company internal and cross-comparison from an ethics perspective. Many toolsets are being developed to greatly enhance the comparison possibilities and to better leverage the amazing data companies are finding our applications so valuable for.


  • Developing back-end logic for database and queue job-based report data generation
  • Optimization of queries and data generation methods
  • Developing APIs for use between Ethisphere applications and external third-party services
  • Working with Ethisphere analysts to answer client data questions utilizing the codebase and dataset
  • Creating and modifying client user interfaces
  • Utilizing git for version control
  • Operating in a rapidly iterative and agile-based development lifecycle


  • Personal commitment to strong ethical practices and an interest in helping companies advance a strong ethical corporate culture and support corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • Computer Science degree preferred but not required, depending on experience
  • Experience developing customer facing production web applications
  • Experience developing APIs
  • Proficiency in Laravel using PHP7; specifically, strong eloquent usage, and worker job handling
  • Proficiency using PostgreSQL and Redis in an optimized production setting
  • Experience in cloud infrastructure (AWS a plus) and current deployment methods
  • Statistical algorithm development to facilitate solutions to questions asked of client survey data
  • Experience with modern interface development methods, we are not JavaScript framework heavy but rely on CSS frameworks and “vanilla” JavaScript
  • Experience investigating and becoming effective in legacy codebases

Remote Position, preference for Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP)